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ITS Telecom

About Us

ITS has become a respected and reliable brand of communication systems since 1994. ITS Telecom export its products to over 30 countries around the world.

Designed to Last
ITS telecom system is using the finest quality hardware and circuitry. the result of painstaking attention to detail, . All of our products are engineered and tested over and over again to make sure the highest starts are met.

ITS Telecom R&D staff is working all the time to invent new products and new features to help the clients meet their goals and needs. Their slogan is "everything is possible" they will always think outside the box to match the right solution with the right problem to the right customer. 

About us

The Team

ITS team, from the chairman throws the Ceo, the sale personal and the support people will always think first on the client, the company philosophy is that the client is in the center and each of the company personal is here to help him use our products and provide solution as fast and as simple as possible and not less important on time. 

The share holders
Thire shareholder comes from deep understanding of the market of Its products. With combine experience of over 100 years  in the industry both from the client side and from the supplier side they push ITS Telecom to reach the highest levels of quality, service and overall solution's

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